MBA students from Portugal and China study companies from both countries together

17 December 2010

Lisbon, Portugal, 17 Dec – Masters in business administration students from the universities of Lisbon and Shanghai have launched a partnership to study together companies that do business in China and in Portugal, the universities that organise the Lisbon MBA announced.

“The aim of this partnership is to provide both student of the Lisbon MBA and students from the University of Fudan the opportunity to take part in a truly global initiative by exchanging professional experiences between Chin and Portugal,” said Portugal’s Universidade Católica and Universidade Nova de Lisboa, which organise the Lisbon MBA in conjunction with US university Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The partnership, which is officially called Portugal China Lab, has scheduled two months in 2011 for Portuguese and Chinese students to set up mixed teams to analyse real cases of companies that do business in both countries.

“As China is the world’s second-largest economy it is of extreme importance that the universities adapt to the professional market, creating different possibilities for our students and opening doors on a global level,” said Belén de Vicente, the executive director of the Lisbon MBA.

In the first phase of the partnership between the two Masters degrees, the Portuguese students will travel to China to observe the activities of the company to, later, analyse the data and develop proposals to present to the company that is present in both markets.

In Portugal the business management school of Fudan University already has partnerships with the MBA of Lisbon’s Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa (ISCTE). (macauhub)