Cape Verde’s ports law and new Maritime Code come into force in January

27 December 2010

Praia, Cape Verde, 27 Dec – Cape Verde’s Ports Law and Maritime Code are due to come into force in January, the National Ports Administration (Enapor) said in a statement issued in Praia.

“These two instruments will introduce a new judicial order in the maritime/port economy and harmonise the intervention of the authorities that work with the ports,” the statement said, cited by Cape Verdean news agency Inforpress.

They also aim to regulate access by private operators to port activities and redefine the responsibilities of the port administration and regulating authorities, specifically the Maritime and Port Institute (IMP), as well as passenger traffic, storage of goods and use of facilities.

The coordinator of the technical team that drew up the Ports Law, José Fortes, said that the document aimed to provide “greater competitive capacity to the sector, providing a basis for the requirements for access to economic activities by private entities, but also to establish new rules for protection of the environment.”

In his turn, the jurist from the maritime and port institute (IMP), Silvestre Évora, said that the maritime code “will innovate, update and compile,” existing legal regulations on e subject.
Made up of 842 articles, the Maritime code covers issues such as accidents, navigation regimes, infractions, marine environment and port operations, amongst others, without “clashing with,” the Ports Law. (macauhub)