Trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries rises 50 pct between January and November, 2010

3 January 2011

Macau, China, 3 Jan – Trade between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries from January to November, 2010 rose 49.58 percent year on year to US$83.3 billion, according to official figures published in Macau.

Figures from the Chinese Customs Service showed that in the period China purchased goods from Portuguese-speaking markets to the value of US$56.7 billion and sold goods in the amount of US$26.6 billion.

With Brazil, its main trading partner amongst the Portuguese-speaking nations, China posted trade of US$56.6 billion or 68 percent of the total, with China selling products to Brazil in the value of US$21.9 billion and buying goods worth US$34.6 billion.

With Angola, the second partner out of all the Portuguese-speaking countries, trade totalled US$23 million, or 57.8 percent more than in the first 11 months of 2009.

In the period, China imported goods from Angolan, mainly oil, in the value of US$21 billion, which represented a rise of over 70 percent, and sold goods worth US$1.86 billion.

Portugal, China’s third Portuguese-speaking partner, received Chinese goods worth US$2.26 billion, as compared to Chinese purchases of US$681 million, which accounted for rises of 32.4 percent and 60.7 percent, respectively.

In November alone, trade between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries rose 21 percent against the previous month, with Chinese imports totalling US$5.7 billion and exports US$2.6 billion. (macauhub)