Japan provides food aid to Cape Verde

2 February 2011

Praia, Cape Verde, 2 Feb – Japan is to provide food aid to Cape Verde worth an estimated 340 million yen (around 2.9 million euros) to allow the archipelago to ensure its food security, a diplomatic source said in Praia.

The source said that, “the funding, due to its modality, has positive repercussions in Cape Verde on several levels, including food security, job creation and development via funds to finance projects in the agricultural sector, in favour of less fortunate parts of the population, thus contributing to reducing poverty in rural areas.”

Amongst the activities carried out with Japan’s support are crop diversification, rebuilding rural infrastructure, mass introduction of irrigation systems and introduction of air and water cropping techniques, modernisation and increase in agricultural production and support for new agricultural production technologies.

Cape Verde and Japan have had diplomatic ties since Cape Verde’s independence in 1975 and these have been boosted over the last few years. Japanese food aid to the West African archipelago since 1980 has totalled around 50 million euros. (macauhub)