Workers at Chinese companies in Angola work more and earn less than those at western companies

16 February 2011

Luanda, Angola, 16 Feb – The majority of Angolans employed by Chinese companies work more and earn less than those working at western companies, according to a study from the Centre for Scientific Study and Research of Angola’s Catholic University (Ucan) published Tuesday.

The study showed that at least 84 percent of Angolans employed at Chinese companies worked more than 8 hours per day and for lower salaries than at western companies.

At the Chinese companies, said the study published by Angolan news agency Angop, 86 percent of the people surveyed earned less than US$300 a month, whilst the percentage of workers with that kind of salary at western companies was 33 percent.

The disparities also extend to schooling levels, as around 80 percent of Angolans working at Chinese companies have only minimum levels of education, whilst at western companies that figure is 50 percent.

The study covered 325 workers in the construction (77 percent) and oil (23 percent) sectors. (macauhub)