Mabubas hydroelectric facility in Angola to start operating in July

17 February 2011

Luanda, Angola, 17 Feb – The Mabubas hydroelectric facility in Angola’s Bengo province is due to start operating again in July, the provincial director of Angolan electricity company ENE said Tuesday in Caxito.

Speaking to Angolan newspaper Jornal de Angola, António Luís said that the work to repair the Mabubas dam was in the hands of a Chinese company that had begun working on it in July, 2009.

“We already have two turbines concluded and another two are at the assembly stage,” he said adding that once the dam started operating Bengo province would have more electricity available.

Luís said that the contractor had not yet finished reconstruction of the dam due to constraints in the import process of the materials at the port of Luanda.

The Mabubas hydroelectric dam previously had a capacity of 17 megawatts and now will have a capacity of 26.8 megawatts.

Bengo province has a high voltage transmission line linking Kifangondo to a sub-station at the Mabubas dam, which made it possible to distribute electricity to the city of Caxito.

In his turn, the provincial director for Energy and Water, Manuel José da Conceição, announced that the province’s electricity grid would soon reach the municipalities of Dembos, Bula Atumba, Pango Aluquém, Nambuangongo and Ambriz, via a project to expand the high, medium and low voltage networks. (macauhub)