Over half of Mozambican population lives in unfit housing

23 February 2011

Chimoio, Mozambique, 23 Feb – Over 13.5 million people, the equivalent of 2.5 million families or 60 percent of the Mozambican population live in unfit housing, said the chairman of the Housing Promotion Fund.

During the launch of a project to build 25 houses in the city of Chimoio in Manica province, for young people to buy with access to loans, Rui Costa said that most of those people live in conditions and neighbourhoods that are considered to be informal, entirely lacking in suitable living conditions, specifically access to basic services and facilities, such as piped water, roads, sanitation and electricity.

The causes of the housing deficit in Mozambique include the high cost of construction due to having to import most of the necessary materials, difficulties with access to bank loans by most citizens, mainly those with low and medium incomes, and the natural growth of the population, which leads to high demand fro housing and land with access to modern conveniences.

According to Costa, Mozambique is the country with the highest housing costs in Southern Africa, which is a result of the high cost of construction materials, most of which are imported from regional markets.

It is in this context that, according to Costa, the government established a contract-programme with the housing fund with a view to building 100,000 houses across the country in order to reduce the housing deficit. (macauhub)