Angola expected to reduce oil exports in April

3 March 2011

Luanda, Angola, 3 March – Angola plans in April to reduce its daily oil exports by 13 percent as compared to March, according to the preliminary shipment schedule published by the Bloomberg news agency.

According to the same document, sales expected sales total 45.1 million barrels of oil, or 1.5 million barrels per day (mbd), which is less than the 53.7 million barrels (1.73 mbd) projected to be exported in March.

Shipments in April include 47 crude oil shipments, as compared to 56 forecast for March, and the final schedule of shipments for April is expected to be set this month.

The shipment plan for April will come from the following oil wells: 8 from Cabinda, 4 from Dalia, 7 from Girassol, 5 from Hungo, 4 from Kissanje, 3 from Kuito, 2 from Mondo, 7 from Nemba, one from Palanca, 4 from Plutónio and 2 from Saxi.

Each shipment from the Girassol and Plutónio oil fields totals 1 million barrels, those from Kuito 920,000 barrels, from Palanca 985,000 barrels and each of the remainder totals 950,000 barrels. (macauhub)