Japan donates 17,000 tons of rice to Mozambique

3 March 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 3 March – The Japanese government Tuesday delivered 17,000 tons of rice to Mozambique during a ceremony in which it also pledged to continue providing support to the East African country, Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias reported.

The rice, which is worth US$10 million, is now in Mozambique, as it was unloaded at the country’s three main ports, specifically Msaputo (7,000 tons), Beira and Nacala (5,000 tons each).

Although it is a donation, the 17,000 tons of rice will be sold by the private sector and the revenues will be used to fund social and economic projects to be agreed by both sides.

The Japanese ambassador to Mozambique, Susumu Segawa, said at the ceremony that Japan would continue to provide assistance to the various development projects in Mozambique, despite the international financial crisis.

The Japanese government has provided food aid to Mozambique since 1977 and the total accumulated value of that aid now totals some US$150 million. (macauhub)