Tourism sector in Gaza, Mozambique, to receive investments of US$160 million

14 March 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 14 March – several national and foreign business groups are expected to invest 5 billion meticals (US$160 million) this year in the tourism sector in Mozambique’s Gaza province, a spokesperson told Mozambican weekly newspaper, Domingo.

Roque Silva, provincial director for tourism, said that Mozambicans and foreigners were involved in construction and refurbishment of a total of 20 tourist resorts on the beaches of Gaza province.

According to the same source of the 5 billion meticals, 2 billion are for construction of new resorts and restaurants whilst the other 3 billion would be used to refurbish, expand and modernise existing resorts.

The projects were approved by the Mozambican government in 2010 and are mainly located on the beaches of Chidenguele, in the city of Xai-Xai (provincial capital) and Bilene.

Gaza province has 165 tourist units, eight more than in 2010, which increased the number of available beds from 2,606 to 2,887.

In 2010 Gaza province received over 60,000 Mozambican and foreign tourists, which was an increase of 12,000 against 2009 and revenues of 116 million meticals, or 11 million more than in 2009. (macauhub)