New minimum wages in Mozambique vary from US$64 to US$170

27 April 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 27 April – The new minimum wages in Mozambique announced by the country’s government Tuesday vary from 2,005.00 meticals (US$64) to 5,320 meticals (US$170), and result from the consensus reached by the Work Consultation Commission (CCT), a forum for negotiation that includes the government, unions and employers.

According to Mozambican daily newspaper, Notícias the government’s decision, which is applicable from 1 April, set the new minimum salary at 2,380 meticals (US$76) or an 8 percent rise, for public administration workers, which is the country’s biggest employer.

The Labour Minister, Helena Taipo, who announced the new wages at the end of a Council of Ministers meeting, said that the new minimum salaries reflected not only the consensus reached by the CCT, but also the country’s current level of production and productivity.

According to the approved table of wages, the agriculture and livestock sectors have benefitted from an increase of 19.3 percent, with the minimum wage rising to 2,005.00 meticals whilst for the hunting, silviculture and sugar sectors the wage rise was 21.2 percent, now totalling 2,075.00 meticals.

The highest minimum wage – 5,320 meticals – covers workers in the financial sector, who benefitted from the highest percentage rise, of 52 percent. (macauhub)