Gove hydroelectric facility to supply electricity to three Angolan provinces

29 April 2011

Malange, Angola, 29 April – The Gove hydroelectric dam, in Angola’s Huambo province, will supply electricity to its region as well as to the province of Bié and some parts of Benguela province, the Minister for Energy and Water, Emanuela Vieira Lopes said in Malange.

The dam, which was badly damaged and brought to a standstill during the Angolan civil war, now has 39 technicians working on it, who were trained for three months at the Gamek Training Centre in Capanda.

The coordinator of the management commission of the Office of the Mid-Kwanza Facility (Gamek), Gilberto Monteiro, announced that the office was undergoing a restructuring process and that two companies would be created.

The first, Gamek, would focus on construction of electricity facilities, such as hydroelectric dams and transmission lines, and the second, Soucel, would explore those facilities.

Monteiro said that management of the Gove dam, which has an installed capacity of 60 megawatts, would be the responsibility of state company Soucel. (macauhub)