Guinea Bissau needs US$160 million to modernise electricity and water supply systems

29 April 2011

Dakar, Senegal, 29 April – Guinea Bissau needs at least US$160 million to modernise its electricity supply and drinking water systems, the Guinean government said during a round table meeting held Tuesday and Wednesday in Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

During the meeting, which will involved around 30 participants including economy minister, Helena Embalo, and natural resources and environment minister, Higino Cardoso, representing the government of Guinea Bissau, who tried to highlight the countries needs for those two sectors to their main partners and financers.

The issue of supplying electricity and drinking water has been identified by the Guinea Bissau authorities as one of the main obstacles to the country’s development.

The country’s capital, Bissau, currently has an installed capacity for power production of 5.5 megawatts when in fact it needs 30 megawatts to cover the needs of 400,000 people.

Government figures point to just 10 percent of the Bissau population being linked to the public electricity grid and 7 percent receiving drinking water on a daily basis. (macauhub)