Mozambican government approves new poverty reduction programme

4 May 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 4 May – The government of Mozambique has approved a plan of action for poverty reduction (PARP) for 2011-2014, the main aims of which are to increase agricultural and fishing production, promote decent employment and human and social development, government spokesman Alberto Nkutumula said Tuesday in Maputo.

Nkutumula, who is also deputy Justice minister, added that the aims of PARP were supported by a stable macro-economic climate and efficient and effective public treasury management, as well as transparent, honest and fair governance.

The Council of Ministers also approved a Strategic Plan for Development of the Agricultural and Fishing Sector (PEDSA) 2011-2014, an instrument that aims to boost agricultural production, food safety and farmers’ income in a competitive and sustainable way, whilst ensuring social and gender equality.

The approved plan, which was presented by deputy Agriculture minister, António Libaué, has a 7 percent target for annual growth of agricultural and fishing production and funding of over US$2.4 million funded annually by the State Budget and by internal and foreign partners involved in this sector.

“This programme is based on four fundamental pillars, specifically agricultural production and productivity, access to markets, sustainable use of natural resources and strengthening public and private research institutions,” said Libaué, according to Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias. (macauhub)