Chinese company to set up large agri-livestock unit in Angola

9 May 2011

Luanda, Angola, 9 May – A large state project for agri-industrial development is due to be carried out in Manquete, in the Ombadja municipal area of Angola’s Cunene province, in which US$85.5 million is due to be invested funded by the China Development Bank, according to the Angolan press.

According to the director of the Office for Studies and Planning of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, José Manaças, the project has already been approved by the government and will be carried out by the China National Electronics Import and Export Corporation within a 60-month period, 36 of which will be spent on training technical and auxiliary staff.

Amongst the facilities due to be built are 30 pig sties each measuring 300 square metres and with capacity for 60 to 100 pigs each, a coop split into 20 sections, with capacity for 2 to 3,000 chickens each, a slaughter house for pigs and chickens, including equipment to process the meat.

The area for the project is located on the right bank of the Cunene river, 100 kilometres from Xangongo, the municipal capital of Ombadja. The area has an estimated population of 60,000 people and the main occupations are animal herding and agriculture.

The Manquete agri-industrial project intends to achieve significant production targets that will make a return on investment within seven years.

The facility is each year expected to produce 23,100 tons of maize, 8,100 tons of rice, 1,050 tons of beans, 1,200 tons of soy, 800 tons of peanuts, and 2,400 tons of various vegetables, 175,000 tons of soy oil and 16,000 tons of corn flour.

In the area of livestock the project is each year expected to produce 5,000 tons of animal feed, 3,000 pigs, 600,000 chickens, a variety of pork and chicken sub-products, such as sausages, chorizo and dried meat. (macauhub)