Cape Verdean government wants to extend transition period to Middle Income Country to 2015

18 May 2011

Porto Novo, Cape Verde, 18 May – The Cape Verdean government wants to expand its transition period to becoming a Middle Income Country (MIC) until 2015, said the country’s Foreign Relations Minister, José Borges Monday in Porto Novo, arguing that the archipelago needed to ensure the “irreversibility,” of the gains made.

Extending the transition period, which is due to end in 2013, was one of the issues discussed at the meeting between the government and ambassadors and representatives of international organisations in Cape Verde, which took place Monday in Porto Novo, on the island of Santo Antão.

Cited by Cape Verdean news agency Inforpress, Borges noted that Cape Verde had graduated to a MIC in 2007, because it had achieved, “the human development index required and the appropriate GDP,” warning, however, that the archipelago was still, “very vulnerable,” which could put those gains at risk.

According to Borges, Cape Verde, despite the development it has achieved, remains one of the world’s most vulnerable countries, due to climate conditions and other factors.

Therefore, he added, there is an understanding that it is necessary to re-assess the transition period, extending it to 2015, which is the end of the Millennium Development Goals project. (macauhub)