Mozambique expected to produce 70,000 tons of raw cotton this year

19 May 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 19 May – Raw cotton production in the 2010/2011 agricultural campaign in Mozambique is expected to total 70,000 tons according to the Mozambican Cotton Institute cited in the news bulletin from the Confederation of Mozambican Economic Associations.

In the previous agricultural campaign – 2009/2010 – raw cotton production was low at just 42,000 tons, which were exported to Asia (99 percent) and Europe (1 percent), and had fallen 36.5 percent against 2008/2009, in which 65,000 tons had been produced.

According to the Economic and social Plan (PES) for 2010, the drop in cotton production was due to the crop being given up by many families due to low prices.

The low prices, according to the bulletin, influenced the number of producers that grew the crop as well as preventing them from treating the crop properly and at crucial times, such as flowering and maturing of the buds, which led to heavy losses.

Officials at the National Cotton Institute have said that producers and companies are focused on meeting targets because prices are now at an all-time high on the international market, rising from an average of US$1,000 to around US$4,500 per ton. (macauhub)