China to provide funds for agricultural centre in Boane, Mozambique

20 May 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 20 May – China plans to provide around US$185,000 for the Umbeluzi Centre for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer (CITAU) in the district of Boane, in Mozambique’s Maputo province said China’s ambassador to Mozambique, Hunag Songfu, in a letter sent to the minister for Science and Technology, Venâncio Massingue.

Mozambican newspaper Notícias said that the funding, which will be used to carry out the earthworks project and providing water and electricity to the site, as well as construction of an access road, was the result of an Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement signed by the two countries on 25 March, 2009.

CITAU will carry out scientific research and technological innovation based on agricultural techniques, systematisation and improvement of existing agricultural techniques and technologies in the country, with a view to increasing production and productivity, transferring and demonstrating agricultural techniques in Mozambique, dissemination and diversification of technologies to increase production, via scientific research, as well as boosting the capacity of institutions in the area of agricultural research.

The spokesman for the Ministry for Science and Technology, Rufino Gujamo, said that CITAU would also carry out studies and research and demonstration work on agricultural technologies and techniques, set up an area for teaching good agricultural practices to producers, Higher Education institutions and technical and professional, public and private training in the agricultural sector, establish demonstration fields, with a view to passing on innovative production techniques. (macauhub)