Group of 19 guarantees support for 2012 Mozambique state budget

20 May 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 20 May – Mozambique’s Programme Support Partners, known as the Group of 19, have said in Maputo that they will continue to support the country’s state budget, but noted its was a priority that a legislative package to combat corruption was passed and that politicians declare their assets, according to Mozambican daily newspaper, O País.

During the annual meeting between the government and its partners, the United Kingdom’s high commissioner to Mozambique, Shaun Cleary, announced that the G-19 members would contribute to funding the Mozambican state budget for 2012, and added that, “there is a satisfactory basis on which to continue providing the country with budgetary aid.”

Despite the commitment to support the budget, in 2010 there was a slight drop in the amount of aid provided, as compared to the previous year.

Despite this scenario, the partners have said that, for most areas, performance was satisfactory, with the exception of governance, noting that good political and economic governance and the fight against corruption were important both for Mozambique and for the G-19 to maintain its support for the state budget.

The Mozambican government, in its turn, called for the G-19 to stipulate a schedule for paying out the agreed funds in order to allow the country better to plan its development activities.

Despite a gradual reduction in its dependence on external sources, Mozambique’s state budget continues largely to be funded by foreign aid. (macauhub)