Mozambican exports to the US total US$40 million in 2009

20 May 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 20 May – Mozambican exports to the United States totalled almost US$40 million in 2009, which was substantially more than the US$7 million exported in 2001, according to Mozambican state newspaper, Notícias.

The progress made is largely due to the impact of the “African Growth and Opportunity Act” (AGOA), an initiative of the US federal government under the terms of which African countries can export to the US market without any kind of taxation.

A meeting to summarise the first 10 years of the AGOA and its impact on the Mozambican economy organised in Maputo by the Centre for Mozambican and International Studies in partnership with the United States Embassy and the United Stated Agency for International Development (USAID), showed that export revenues had resulted from the export of minerals and metals, accounting for US$32.5 million, agricultural goods, with US$5.5 million, US$150,000 from forestry products and US$145,000 from electronics.

Mozambique’s deputy minister for Industry and Trade, Keneth Marizane, said that the government was making efforts to improve the quality of Mozambican products and cited as an example the recent certification of pineapple from Muxúnguè, which can now be exported to the European market, as well as diversification of products placed on the international market.

Since the AGAO was created in 2000, exports from the 40 beneficiary countries have totalled US$86 billion, as compared to US$21.5 before the act was approved, as well as the creation of at least 300,000 jobs. (macauhub)