Weight of agricultural sector decreases in Mozambique’s exports

30 May 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 30 May – Mozambique’s agricultural sector has reduced its contribution to the country’s exports, although it employs most of the working population, the chairman of the Institute for Export Promotion, IPEX, João Macaringue said last week.

Noting that exports were increasingly focused on products from so-called large project, Macaringue said it was necessary to change this scenario.

In a talk about the role of agri-business in export development given at the 1st National Agri-Business Forum, the chairman of IPEX said that structural and market conditions were the reasons for the sector’s poor contribution to exports, which was a situation affecting many of Mozambique’s traditional export products.

As an example, he mentioned the cotton sector, in which revenues from cotton fibre had fallen 44 percent reflecting the product’s 5 percent drop in average price on the international market to US$1.1 per ton and a drop in the quantity exported of 41.7 percent to 22,400 tons.

In the sugar sector there was a fall in the amount exported and in the average price on the European preferential market.

Exports of wood also slowed as did those of cashews and tobacco, which was also related to the slow recovery of international markets in the wake of the international financial crisis. (macauhub)