Brazilian company A.R.G. to build Cape Verde’s ‘Administrative City’

8 June 2011

Praia, Cape Verde, 8 June – The Cape Verdean government has signed a contract with Brazilian company A.R.G. for construction of the ‘Administrative City,’ on the outskirts of Praia, the Ministry of Finance and Planning said.

According to the ministry, the project will be funded by Brazil in the amount of US$220 million.

The National Statistics Institute, Cape Verde university, the Accounting Tribunal, the Justice ‘campus,’ the West Africa Institute and other state administration buildings will have new facilities built in the ‘Administrative City.’

The latter will be built near the Hotel and Tourism School, which was recently built in an area of expansion of the Cape Verdean capital.

The funding for this project was announced during a visit to Sal Island by then Brazilian president, Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, who, at the time, pledged to “close” some commitments made to Cape Verde before the end of his term of office in December, 2010.

Brazil thus committed to helping Cape Verde build an ‘Administrative City’ in the Cape Verdean capital, which is a complex where all the countries ministries and public services that still do not have their own headquarters, will be installed. (macauhub)