Scientific ship from Norway to assess fishing resources in Cape Verde

10 June 2011

Praia, Cape Verde, 10 June – The Norwegian scientific ship Fridtjof Nansen is to carry out an assessment of small pelagic fish species resources in Cape Verde, in order to determine the quantity of marine species such as mackerel and horse mackerel, amongst others, a spokesman said in Praia.

According to a statement from the Cape Verdean State Secretariat for Marine Resources, the study that will be carried out by researchers on board the Norwegian ship will provide correct information so the Cape Verdean government “can sustainably manage fishing resources, specifically the aforementioned species.”

According to the statement the project is expected to cost US$480,000, will be co-funded by the Cape Verdean government and is part of the strategy to execute the “Sea Cluster” which covers a number of different areas.

These areas include catching, marine safety, research, aquaculture and sea transport, as part of a strategy that is firmly based on environmental sustainability.

The Fridtjof Nansen is owned by the Norwegian Agency for Cooperation and Development (Norad) and its crew is made up of staff from Norway’s Marine Research Institute.

The ship operates on the west and south-eastern coasts of Africa providing support to a number of scientific programmes managed by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and collects data for Norad’s Nansen programme, which supports developing countries to manage and research fishing resources in order to make more sustainable use of living marine resources and provide greater protection for the marine environment. (macauhub)