Mozambique may sign up for Kimberley Process in December

13 June 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 13 June – Preparations for Mozambique to sign up for the Kimberley Process Diamond Certification Scheme are expected to be concluded in December at the latest, the country’s Mining Resources minister, Esperança Bias said Friday in Maputo.

On the sidelines of a meeting with companies and individuals involved in prospecting for diamonds in Mozambique, the minister noted that the government was seeking to speed up preparations to join the Kimberley Process considering that the results of prospecting in the country were encouraging.

In the past diamond prospecting was carried out in the provinces of Gaza, mainly in Chicualacuala, and in Niassa but this work came to an end as, at the time, the results were not very positive.

In relation to work already carried out for signing up to the Kimberley Process, the minister said that several technicians had been trained whilst the country was becoming familiar with the practices adopted in other countries, by taking part in several general meetings of the Kimberley Process.

So far in Mozambique almost 40 licences have been granted to 27 holders of mining rights, of which 21 are companies and six are individuals. (macauhub)