Mozambican province of Nampula expected to have production of 24,000 tons of cotton

14 June 2011

Nampula, Mozambique, 14 June – The campaign for sale of raw cotton due to begin in mid July in Mozambique’s Nampula province is expected to involve around 25 million meticals (US$868,000) the regional delegate of the Mozambican Cotton Institute said in Nampula.

Cited by Mozambican newspaper Notícias, António Alberto said that all the cotton companies operating in the region were prepared for the start of sale of the product and that this season it would be sold for between 11.5 and 15 meticals (between US$0.40 and US$0.52) per kilo of first and second grade raw cotton.

At a meeting a few days ago in Nampula to assess the level of preparedness for the start of the sales campaign, cotton companies noted that they had secured funds to buy the cotton.

The minimum price set by the government to buy the raw cotton this year reached a record high, which has led producers to prioritise the crop over other food and cash crops.

Nampula province expects to harvest a minimum of 24,000 tons of raw cotton, a target that Alberto said he believed was possible as weather conditions for development and treatment of the crop had been favourable. (macauhub)