European Union and Mozambique sign new fishing agreement

16 June 2011

Brussels, Belgium, 16 June – The European Union and Mozambique have signed a new fishing agreement to set the quotas for European fishing vessels as well as the financial compensation to be paid to the Mozambican state, according to an official statement published Tuesday in Brussels.

The new fishing agreement, which will last for three years, is due to come into force on 1 January 2012 and sets the quota of fish that can be caught by European ships at 8,000 tons, as compared to 10,000 tons set in the current agreement.

According to the statement the two sides lowered the quota due to piracy in the Indian Ocean, which has led to a drop in the amount of fish caught.

The statement said that, despite a smaller fishing quota the financial compensation paid to Mozambique will increase from 250,000 euros to 460,000 euros per year in order to support the fishing sector.

Based on the new agreement 75 European fishing vessels will be able to fish in Mozambique’s territorial waters. (macauhub)