Brazil’s ETH Bioenergia plans to produce biofuel in Angola and Mozambique

24 June 2011

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 24 June – Brazilian company ETH Bioenergia, which is part of the Odebrecht group, plans to build biofuel production units in Angola and Mozambique and is analysing the possibility of expanding to Colombia or Mexico, the company’s chairman told Brazilian news agency Agência Estado.

José Carlos Grubisich told the agency that these were new projects, “and there is nothing positive that allows me to say that we are ready to make a decision.”

According to Grubisich, ETH Bioenergia’s strategy of focusing on producing ethanol from sugar acne and electricity from the cane bagasse was likely to be maintained in the first foreign projects, with the exception of Africa, where sugar may also be produced.

“In Africa there is still demand for sugar that is not met by local production,” he noted.

By the end of the year, ETH Bioenergia plans to launch operations as the last two of nine units opened in its first stage of growth in Brazil – Costa Rica, in Mato Grosso do Sul, and Água Emendada, in Goiás, where it invested 2 billion reals in each.

In order to meet demand for sugar cane by the nine units, ETH Bioenergia plans to plant 120,000 hectares per year over the next two years and the company expects ethanol production to reach 1.4 million litres in 2011/12, as compared to production of 600 million litres in 2010/11. (macauhub)