Investment in Mozambique’s tourism sector to create 1,500 jobs this year

28 June 2011

Beira, Mozambique, 28 June – Investments totalling US$600 million in Mozambique’s tourism sector will create 1,500 jobs, the country’s Tourism Minister, Fernando Sumbana said in Beira.

Speaking to Mozambican newspaper Notícias the minister said that real estate construction and supply of equipment were the main areas where investments were being made, which meant, he said, “that Mozambique remains a preferential destination for investors as it has a good business climate and social and political stability.”

Fernando Sumbana also said that the Capulana Project was making a significant contribution to boosting the country’s hotel sector, specifically in its districts, some of which already have luxury hotels on account of this initiative.

He noted, however, that the central government had so far not been able to respond fully to the Capulana Project, and thus this year it would have to request assistance from cooperation partners for the initiative to continue.

The Capulana project, which is an initiative of the Tourism Ministry, is expected to cost 37.2 million meticals and includes construction of 20 high quality hotel units in several of the country’s districts that so far have no hotels of this kind. (macauhub)