Mozambique to have a further three cotton processing factories

30 June 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 30 June – Three new cotton processing factories are due to start operating soon in the Mozambican provinces of Sofala and Manica, in the centre of the country, and Inhambane province, in the south, the national director for Industry, Sidónio Santos said in Maputo.

Cited by Mozambican news agency AIM, Santos said that these were investments that were part of the government programme for the textile sector, which was currently being revitalised.

“Exporting fibre is six or seven times more profitable because it adds value to the product, and this is currently our challenge,” noted the national director for Industry, explaining that the strategy for the textile sector prioritised the entire cotton production chain.

Until the beginning of the 1980s the Mozambican textile sector played a very important social role in Mozambique as it created a lot of jobs on account of its intensive labour requirements and these days many textile factories are no longer operating.

The strategy for revitalisation of the textile sector aims to create around 100,000 jobs by 2012, make better use of cotton fibres and establish a specialised industry, as well as refurbishing existing industrial facilities, amongst other objectives.

Figures from the Mozambican Cotton Institute show that the current situation of cotton processing factories in the country is that there are four destroyed old units, five old units that need repairing, four old units in operation, 12 refurbished units in operation and two new units. (macauhub)