Bridge conservation and maintenance programme to be launched soon in Angola

8 July 2011

Lucala, Angola, 8 July1 – Angola’s minister for Urbanism and Construction, Fernando Fonseca said Thursday in the Lucala municipal area, in Kwanza Norte province, that the programme for Conservation and Maintenance of Bridges was due to begin soon.

Speaking at the launch of the tender for contracts on the Lucala/Cacuso and Cacuso/Malanje sections of national road 230, the minister said that the programme for Conservation and Maintenance of Bridges would be dealt with in a similar way, and his ministry would set up conditions for its launch.

“We are currently working to establish the physical state of each bridge and will prepare a calendar for their refurbishment work, taking into consideration that the process has already been approved,” the minister said.

According to Fonseca, there have been a number of complaints about the need to replace the metal bridges that for many years have ensured goods can be transported across the country.

“We are aware that this work cannot be carried out all at once but the government is committed to replacing the metal bridges with permanent ones,” he said. (macauhub)