Land attributed in Mozambique five years ago still lying fallow

11 July 2011

Quelimane, Mozambique, 11 July – Over 914,000 hectares of land requested and provided five years ago are still unexplored in six Mozambican provinces, the Minister for Agriculture, José Pacheco said in Quelimane.

Cited by Mozambican newspaper Notícias, the minister said that Gaza province had the most land yet to be explored (422,000 hectares), followed by Sofala (96,000 hectares), Maputo (93,000 hectares) and Zambézia (88,000 hectares).

Speaking at the start of the 7th National Meeting on Land and forests, the minister said it was necessary to improve supervision mechanisms in order to attribute land to those who are really interested in developing activities that contribute to increasing wealth.

In order to contain the situation, the Agriculture Ministry needs more than 25 million meticals next year in order to implement its supervision plan. The funding will be used to acquire vehicles, for an awareness campaign, computer equipment and administrative costs.

The measures to be followed as of 2012 include, amongst others, supervision of authorised tracts of land in areas with agricultural potential, areas of greater conflict, providing land for food production and other investment projects. (macauhub)