World Bank Group signs agreement for business training in Mozambique

15 July 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 15 July – The International Finance Corporation (IFC), an organ of the World Bank for financing the private sector, has signed an agreement with Mozambique’s Unit for Implementation of the Project to Support Competitiveness (Pacde) to expand access to its training tools to small and medium-sized companies in Mozambique.

The two-year agreement signed by the IFC and Pacde, a programme sponsored by the World Bank and the Mozambican Ministry for Industry and Trade, will provide access to management training for suppliers, staff and customers of small businesses.

The Business Edge tool aims to improve the performance of small and medium-sized companies and middle managers of other larger companies and is implemented locally using certified trainers and the SME Toolkit is an interactive online programme that aims to give managers of small companies in emerging markets with sustainable management techniques.

Business Edge and the SME Toolkit were launched in Mozambique in 2010 and, since then, 41 trainers have been certified and licenses granted to 11 business Edge partners and 1 SMW Toolkit partner, specifically Eduardo Mondlane University. (macauhub)