Guinea Bissau is this year expected to export over 160,000 tons of cashews

21 July 2011

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 21 July – Guinea Bissau is expected to have exported over 160,000 tons of cashew nuts by the end of the current agricultural campaign, the country’s Trade Minister, Botche Candé said in Bissau.

Speaking to the Portuguese News Network, the minister said that so far over 118,000 tons f cashews had been exported and officials had issued export licenses for over 120,000 tons.

“Based on these figures, I can say that it was a positive agricultural campaign,” said Candé, adding that the Guinean state had netted revenues of the equivalent of 10 million euros by taxing each kilo of exported cashews by 8 euro cents.

Candé also said that the success of this campaign had been the result of control measures on the Guinea Bissau border, which includes a requirement to export cashew nuts by sea through the port of Bissau.

Cashews nuts are Guinea Bissau’s main export product and account for 98 percent of the country’s exports. (macauhub)