Macau can be “pilot project” for Mozambican exports to enter Chinese market

26 July 2011

Maputo, Macau, China, 26 July – Macau can serve as a “pilot project” for Mozambique’s exports to enter the Chinese market, thus making business partnerships between all three easier, the Macau Institute for Promotion of Trade and Investment (IPIM) said Monday in Maputo.

Macau’s role as a platform for trade between Mozambique and China was noted by the managing director of IPIM, Echo Chan, during a “Seminar on economic, trade and services cooperation,” between the Chinese province of Guangdong, the Macau Special Administrative Region and Mozambique, held in Maputo.

According to Echo Chan, Macau’s geographical position and the historic ties the region ahs with Portuguese-speaking countries give it a key role in the commercial and economic ties with China.

“Macau can be a pilot project for Mozambican products and services to enter the Chinese market. Companies from Chinese provinces can also establish relations with Portuguese-speaking countries, via Macau’s platform or through economic and commercial conventions and exhibitions,” Echo Chan said.

In his turn the director of the Economic Cooperation and Foreign Trade Department of Guangdong province, Chen Xuequin, said that Mozambican businesspeople can take advantage of greater access that the Chinese economy is promoting to establish partnerships and export production to Asian markets.

João Macaringue, chairman of Mozambique’s Export Promotion Institute (Ipex) said that Mozambique was interested in attracting Chinese investors to set themselves up in the country, in order to alter the balance of trade between the two countries, which is currently in China’s favour.

“We want them to produce in Mozambique what they export from China to Mozambique because that approach will balance trade and economic relations between the two countries,” noted Mararingue.

Construction, the textile and pharmaceutical industries and retail in general are the areas of greatest interest for the Macau business mission that travelled to Mozambique at the end of an African tour that included Angola and South Africa. (macauhub)