Angolan company plans to set up industrial park in Bengo province

27 July 2011

Catete, Angola, 27 July – A factory with capacity to produce 44,000 bricks per day is being built in the Cassoneca area of Angola’s Bengo province, which is teh first phase of a more ambitious industrial project, Angolan news agency Angop reported.

The factory, which represents an investment of US$20 million by Angolan company Ridge Solutions, is part of the project to create a 225-hectare industrial park, which will include construction of a furniture factory and another for glass products.

The ceramics factory is due to start operating with Chinese technicians who will also be responsible for training Angolan staff, with a view to transferring the unit’s management to Angolans in short time, according to the managing director of the factory, Wilson Silva.

Cassoneca is some 20 kilometres from the municipal headquarters of Icolo and Bengo (Catete), and has an estimated population of 12,600 people who mainly live off subsistence agriculture.

Ridge Solution is an Angolan company linked to the real estate, agriculture and natural resources sectors. (macauhub)