Grown Energy invests US$320 million to produce bio-fuels in Mozambique

1 August 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 1 Aug – The company Grown Energy Zambeze Limitada is investing US$320 million in a project to produce bio-fuels in the Chemba district of central Mozambique’s Sofala province, reports the country’s AIM news agency.

The project got under way in 2008 and should be completed by late 2013. The aim is to produce sugarcane-based bio-fuels. It currently employs 300 workers, a number which should increase to 500 by March 2012.

AIM reports that in the first phase, lasting 16 to 18 months, the future factory will have the capacity to annually produce 25,000 litres of ethanol, a raw material used to produce bio-fuels.

During the 35-month second phase annual production should rise to 100,000 litres of ethanol, which besides supplying the national market will also be exported to the European Union.

Company director Rademan Rensburg said trees had been cleared in a 1,300 hectare area, of which 65 already have sugarcane. The other plantation area has seed cane in a 550 hectare area.

“After these two areas, commercial cane production will begin on 3,000 hectares. To implement the project government authorities granted a total area of 24,000 hectares,” Rensburg said. (macauhub)