Mozambican company from Niassa to start exporting macadamia nuts

3 August 2011

Lichinga, Mozambique, 3 Aug – Mozambique-based and foreign-owned company Tenga, Lda., based in Niassa province, in July started exporting macadamia nuts to Europe, according to Mozambican news agency AIM.

Vincent Peacolk, the company’s managing director, said this was a new experiment launched through the export of five tons of nuts, and that the quantity would increase to 50 tons following the next harvest, to be sent to the Asian and Australian markets.

The macadamia project began in 2004 via the Malonda Foundation which supported Tenga Lda. To invest in Niassa province, specifically near the Luchesse and Metomone rivers, in Majune.

Figures from the Malonda Foundation show that Tenga, Lda will have to invest around US$15 million to take full advantage of its 2,000 hectare concession.

The company currently explores an area of just 500 hectares and employs more than 80 workers.

The company plans to build a small dam on the Luchesse River to provide the entire area where it plans to grow the macadamias with water. (macauhub)