Mozambican official defends motors for traditional fishing boats

8 August 2011

Quelimane, Mozambique, 8 Aug – Mozambique’s vice-minister for Fisheries has called for motors to be introduced in the country’s artisanal fishing sector so that small operators can reach distant areas with more abundant resources, reports the Maputo-based daily Notícias.

Speaking in Quelimane, Vice-Minister Gabriel Muthisse said one of the central government’s challenges is to identify mechanisms to increase production from artisanal fishing. One of them is to introduce engines that would enable fishermen to reach areas exploited by industrial fishing vessels.

If artisanal fishermen commit to motors they could obtain incomes similar to those earned by semi-industrial and industrial fishermen, even though the resource each is seeking is different, Muthisse said.

Artisanal fishermen carry out fishing activity up to three miles from the shore. Beyond that the space is exploited by industrial fishing vessels.

Muthisse added that Zambezia province is a strategic asset from the standpoint of contribution to the national product. Notícias reported that it contributes 30,000 tonnes or 19 percent of the national production of 160,000 tonnes. (macauhub)