Addition of biofuels obligatory in Mozambique as of 2012

15 August 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 15 Aug – Mixing biofuels with gasoline will be obligatory in Mozambique as of 2012 and the country has sufficient reserves to ensure that compliance with the law, Mozambique’s Energy Minister said.

At the end of the 7th Coordinating Council of the Energy Ministry, held last week in the border town of Namaacha, in Maputo province, Salvador Namburete said that, even without new ethanol projects being launched, the four sugar factories (Marromeu, Mafambisse, Marragra and Xinavane) would be able to place 32 million litres of ethanol made from molasses on the market.

The law that regulates the addition of biofuel to fossil fuels stipulates 10 percent ethanol to 90 percent gasoline and 3 percent biodiesel to 97 percent diesel.

In terms of biodiesel the initial idea was to establish a 5%/95% ration, but, after domestic production was evaluated the conclusion was that the country would only be able to provide 18 million litres of biofuel and this the ratio dropped to 3% biodiesel to 97 percent diesel.

At the moment, according to figures cited by daily newspaper Notícias, Petromoc, a pioneering company in biofuels in Mozambique, is soon expected to reach production of 2 million litres of biofuel made from copra, which for now will be used for the company’s internal consumption.

“Production and sale of biofuel is a Government priority as it will help to reduce the cost of importing fossil fuels and, at the same time, make it possible to make use of crops produced in the country, adding value to them and creating jobs,” said Namburete. (macauhub)