Investment in tourism and number of foreign tourists in Mozambique increase

19 August 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 19 Aug – Increased investment in tourism in Mozambique as well as a rise in the number of foreign visitors are the result of a combination of activities promoted by the Tourism Ministry, the national Tourism director, Martinho Muatxiwa said.

Speaking to daily newspaper Notícias, the official noted that tourism revenue in 2010 totalled US$741 million as compared to US$616 million in 2009, and added that it was possible this figure would increase, “given that investments in the sector are increasing.”

Muatxiwa said that the rise in investments was due, in part, to the Tourism Law and Tax Benefits Code providing facilities and incentives to investors regardless of their origins.

“The Tourism Ministry welcomes all types of investors provided that the projects respect current legislation in the country, which is the same as saying that foreigners can invest in the country, without having to partner locals, although the priority, in terms of workforce, is for the local population,” the director said.

Until December of last year, Mozambique had 4,736 tourist establishments of which 1,269 were for accommodation, 3,340 were restaurants and bars and there were a total of 127 travel agencies.

Officially the country has 10,779 rooms, 37,550 beds, 78,246 tables and 209, 862 chairs, and the sector employs around 40,000 workers on indefinite contracts, 56 percent of which are women. (macauhub)