Policies applied to Hengqin Island are more far-reaching than those in Chinese economic zones

23 August 2011

Macau, China, 23 Aug – Macau’s Chief Executive, Fernando Chui Sai On said Monday that the policies approved by the Chinese State Council to be applied in Hengqin Island were even more far-reaching than existing policies in Chinese special economic zones.

Chui was speaking during a meeting to provide information about the new policies to be applied to Hengqin Island, next to Macau.

“According to what is outlined in the General Lines of Planning for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta Region,” and in line with the Cooperation Framework Agreement, the governments of Guangdong and Macau have been cooperating on Hengqin Island and also in Nansha, in Guangzhou. We are also driving the construction of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Scientific and Industrial Park on the island,” he said.

The Macau Chief Executive also said that the “Macau Investimento e Desenvolvimento, S.A.” company had recently been set up, and that it would support the development of the Guangdong-Macau industrial cooperation park.

Chui Sai On also said that, as part of the Macau-Guangdong joint cooperation meeting, a Working Group for Guangzhou-Macau Cooperation had also been set up and that the two sides would make use of facilities provided in Nansha as a platform to promote Guangzhou-Macau cooperation.

In his speech the Chief Executive also noted that for the Macau Government the next priority was to drive joint construction projects for the Guangzhou-Macau Cultural Creativity Industrial Park and the Cruise Port of Nansha.

The governor of Guangdong, Huang Huahua said that the Guangdong-Macau Framework Agreement, sine din Beijing, had established five big areas of cooperation with a view to developing Hengqin Island, which has an area of 104.46 square kilometres, specifically in terms of movement of people and goods, border control, and tax benefits aimed at supporting development of industry in Guangdong and Macau. (macauhub)