Angola’s Calcários da Huíla producing 100 tonnes of lime daily for agricultural use

25 August 2011

Lubango, Angola, 25 Aug – The Calcários da Huíla company in Tchivinguiro, 53 km from the city of Lubango, is daily producing 100 tonnes of lime to be used in agricultural soil to improve harvest results.

“Lime is very important in agro-livestock activity because it restores fertility that fields lose due to washouts from heavy rains, especially on land by rivers,” said company managing partner João Texeira.

Construction of the factory unit began in 2009 and the first trials were conducted last year. Besides lime, it also produces quicklime and hydraulic lime used in construction and industry.

Quicklime is used to make paints and to whiten sugar. It is also used by the oil industry and for other purposes. Hydraulic lime is used in construction to complement cement to produce mortar used to build and line walls and pavements.

US$3 million were invested in the project, which was financed by the Banco Africano de Investimentos (BAI), Teixeira said. (macauhub)