Angolan Industrialists’ Association calls for increase in public investment in agriculture

29 August 2011

Luanda, Angola, 29 Aug – The agri-industrial sector in Angola needs US$1 billion per year to grow at an accelerated rate the chairman of the Angolan Industrialists’ Association (AIA), José Severino said Friday in Luanda.

Speaking to Angolan news agency Angop, Severino said that the government should focus more on the agri-industrial sector and put forward India as an example where the local government continued to invest a lot of money in agriculture.

The chairman of the AIA said that the US$380 million annually consigned to the agricultural sector by Angola’s development bank, Banco de Desenvolvimento de Angola (BDA) was insufficient.

According to Severino, the amount that the BDA provides is the amount needed by the provinces of Cunene, Namibe and Huíla to take a quantitative and qualitative leap in development of the sector.

According to the chairman of the AIA, the central government should rapidly reflect on this information so that Angola, “will not continue to depend on South Africa in terms of food products, such as vegetables, fruit and meat.” (macauhub)