Angola’s 17 September Bridge designed to allow navigability of River Kwanza

5 September 2011

Cabala, Angola, 5 Sept – construction of the 17 September Bridge in Cabala has been designed to allow the navigability of the Kwanza River as far as Cambambe, in Kwanza Norte province, Angola’s Minister for Urbanism and Construction, Fernando Fonseca said in the town.

The minister also said that the bridge would have a determining role to play in the concept of an interior corridor, as an alternative to the coastal corridor, which will have the immediate effect of reducing traffic in the East and North of the city of Luanda, serving the capital0s industrial area.

It will also make it possible to consolidate the North/South road axis between the provinces of Bengo, Kwanza Norte, Kwanza Sul, Benguela and Huambo, in the basic road network.

The bridge, which cost 120 million euros to build, will undergo regular maintenance that may increase its potential lifespan to 100 years.

The bridge, which is 1,534 metres long and 14.60 metres wide, will make it possible for traffic to cross the Kwanza River, which is normally 170 metres wide, although this can increase to up to 2 kilometres wide during floods.

Construction of the bridge began in November, 2008 and was the responsibility of Portuguese construction company Teixeira Duarte.

The bridge has two pavements for pedestrians, which are 1.8 metres wide, safety barriers and rails.

Opening up the bridge to traffic will make it easier for the thousands of pilgrims that every September travel to the Catholic sanctuary of Our Lady of Muxima. (macauhub)