Group of Macau businesspeople plans to build casino in Marracuene, Mozambique

5 September 2011

Ricatla, Mozambique, 5 Sept – A group of businesspeople form Macau plans to build a casino in the Maputo international Fair (Facim) venue in Ricatla, Marracuene district, southern Mozambique, the chairman of the Export Promotion Institute (Ipex) said Sunday.

On summarising the 47th edition of the Maputo international Fair, João Macarringue said that the group was made up of businesspeople from Macau that were established in South Africa and who planned to build a casino inside the fair’s venue.

Cited by Mozambican news agency AIM, the chairman of Ipex said this was just one example of several contacts made during the fair that would make it possible to make more efficient use of the new Facim facilities, which were finished just four months ago in Ricatla.

“There is also interest in the hotel construction sector. The Ceter for Investment Promotion (CPI), along with the government has highlighted Marracuene district as a reference for ventures to increase accommodation capacity in the country,” he said.

Ipex is thus working with the authorities from Maputo province and, particularly in Marracuene district, to plan the Facim venue in order to decide how to arrange the new facilities inside it.

Macarringue also said that the initial construction project for a multipurpose pavilion at Facim had not changed, but added that the US$45 million needed to build it had yet to be secured. (macauhub)