Lack of silos forces Mozambican rural workers to sell surplus production at low prices

7 September 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 7 Sept – The delay in construction of silos to store food is forcing producers from the Malema district to sell their surpluses at low prices in order to prevent them from spoiling, said the administrator of that region of Mozambique’s Nampula province.

Speaking to Mozambican newspaper Notícias, administrator Daudo Mussa said that production in the 2010/2011 agricultural campaign, estimated at 295,000 tons of grain and other products, had mainly been distributed to the provinces of Maputo and Cabo Delgado, “at almost no price.”

According to the administrator, the solution to the problem involves construction of silos in the district, which is considered to be the largest agricultural producer in Nampula.

The project for construction of the silos in Malema dates back to 2010, when the government, represented by then Minister of Industry and Trade, António Fernandes, announced that the public tender had been launched and that the evaluation phase for technical and financial proposals for construction of 21 silos in the regions of Angónia (Tete), Alto Molócuè (Zambézia), Ancuabe (Cabo Delgado), Lichinga (Niassa) and Malema (Nampula) had been concluded.

Alongside this project, there was another in the pipeline for construction of more silos, totalling 21 units by the end of 2014, management of which would be awarded to private companies.

If the process of building silos was finished, by 2014 Mozambique would have a storage capacity of 39,000 tons, in the provinces of Sofala, Tete, Zambézia, Nampula, Niassa and Cabo Delgado, which are all considered to be highly productive. (macauhub)