Road between Mbanza Congo and Cuimba, in Angola, to be repaired

7 September 2011

Mbanza Congo, Angola, 7 Sept – The road between Mbanza Congo and the municipal capital of Cuimba, in Angola’s Zaire province, which is 80 kilometres long, is due to be repaired starting in 2012, the Secretary of State for Construction Joanes André said.

During a meeting in Mbanza Congo to present the master plans for urban infrastructures for some municipalities in the region, including Cuimba, the Secretary of State said that public investment projects for 2012 were being finalised, which included repairing that section of road.

André also said that one of the concerns of the State Secretariat over the next few years was the overland link of provincial capitals to municipal capitals, in order to make circulation of people and goods easier.

“Therefore, we want to interlink Mbanza Congo/Cuimba/Soyo/Nóqui, as road circulation between the provincial capital and the municipal areas of Tomboco and Nzeto is already a reality,” he said.

The Mbanza Congo/Nóqui road, which passes through the border commune of Luvo, is currently being repaired. (macauhub)