Cape Verde expected to meet Millennium Development Goals

28 September 2011

Praia, Cape Verde, 28 Sept – Cape Verde is one of the four African countries on target to meet its Millennium Development Goals (MDG), according to a report from the World Bank published last week in Washington.

The report, which was published during the annual meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), said that Cape Verde, along with Ethiopia, Ghana and Malawi, would be able to achieve most of the goals by 2015,” “or even before,” thanks, “to accelerated growth and progress of social indicators.”

The success of these four African countries, namely, the big developments achieved in areas such as health and infant mortality, education, as well as economic aspects such as an improved business climate, are noted in the report as being determining factors to achieve the MDGs.

Cited by Pan-African news agency PANA, the reported noted that Cape Verde, as well as Zambia and Rwanda, is amongst the 10 countries in the world to have introduced most reforms in 2010.

According to the report, in this area, the expectation is that the archipelago will continue to cement its position on this list, taking into consideration the various reforms underway over the last few years, such as electronic governance and services such as setting up companies in one day and others.

The World Bank report said that the significant improvement in the business climate in Cape Verde was on account of the Government applying “robust” reforms with a view to improving the business climate as well as to greater demands from civil society. (macauhub)