Guinea Bissau government to value country’s fishing resources

30 September 2011

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 30 Sept – The government of Guinea Bissau plans to value the country’s fishing resources and has hired the services of a scientific ship from Mauritania for this purpose, the director general of the Centre for Applied Fishing Research (CIPA) said in Bissau.

Henrique Silva said that the survey would include two phases, the first of which would deal with sea bottom resources (fish and shrimp) and the second would deal with surface resources (mackerel, sardines and other species).

According to the director general of CIPA, although Guinea Bissau can consider itself to be a country with a good quantity of sea resources, the authorities are implementing measures to prevent the rapid depletion of those resources.

Similar surveys carried out two years ago by Spanish specialists pointed to a catch availability of around 100,000 tons per year.

Guinea Bissau has a multilateral fishing agreement with the European Union, under the terms of which member countries can fish in Guinean waters, although at the moment only Portugal, Spain, France and Italy are fishing in Guinea Bissau’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Ships from Senegal and private company China International Fisheries Corporation (Conapemac) also fish in Guinea’s waters, and negotiations are underway with Russian ship owners. (macauhub)