Guinea Bissau to plans to open embassy in Cape Verde

6 October 2011

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 6 Oct – Guinea Bissau plans to open an embassy in Cape Verde soon in order to serve around 8,000 Guinean citizens living on the archipelago, Guinea Bissau’s secretary of state for the communities, Fernando Dias said Saturday.

During the inauguration ceremony for the Consulate-General in Cape Verde, Dias told Portuguese news agency Lusa that the two countries were speeding up mechanisms to install reciprocal embassies in Bissau and in Praia, although no deadlines had been set.

The Guinea Bissau consulate in Cape Verde is headed up by Cândido Barbosa, who had an identical role in Portugal for almost two decades.

Leonel Sambé, president of the Association of Guineans in Cape Verde, noting that the consulate had been planned back in 1992, said that work “has only just begun,” and there was a “A long road to walk,” to resolve some of the “grave difficulties,” affecting the Guinean community on the archipelago.

Among these is the legalisation of Guineans in Cape Verde – official figures point to 5,500, although Dias and Sambé mentioned 8,000 – “whose process was at a standstill for some time,” due to “bureaucratic issues.” (macauhub)